A Look behind . . .

A shadow never leaves you.

Some photos for university – all from this semester. I must admit, I’m a lousy photographer. They are always blurry or the sharpness isn’t where it should be. Maybe I get behind this whole trick someday.

Here are some portraits, I like them. The only restriction was to cover one eye of the model, like on all the cover photos of the iD-magazine.

It’s a friend of mine. We had fun at the shooting, even if we did something totally different from the actual idea. (I wanted to cover the eye with some origami birds and flowers, but due to my inability to properly make nice ones, we dropped it and sticked to this idea)


This task was sooo tricky. Report.

Could have been a really interesting one, but we were given themes from which we should choose and the themes were kind of weird (strange sport activities like A.E.R.O. Ballet, ZENERGY or office golf, don’t ask me what these things are, I really don’t know.)

Okay, there were some “normal” ones like a bar theme or hiking.

I didn’t really worked on a theme. I just ran around, took some photos and forced them to fit into the theme. Yeah, not the right way, but I hope I’ll be lucky and somehow will slip through this class, don’t want to make this again next semester.

This semester was just a pain, really. I’ve never slept so less in one month, but I’ve learned one thing: Even if the deadline seems to be far away, never start to late! Oh and just four hours of sleep a day for a whole month isn’t recommendable, you’re so dead afterwards.


~ by luccainart on 3. September 2012.

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